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Bookvetter is about measuring the content of books. Authors are developed, books are sorted for quality, and only the best are passed on to a community of independent, professional reviewers.

Do you have something to say? Are you willing to put it out there? Then the Bookvetter Community is for you. Some write and some review, but both are needed to create something bigger. Join us today and let us help the world hear what you have to say.

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What the Bookvetter Community Offers


Respect for Your Time and Talent

  • Don't let your time be wasted reading review requests that have ignored your criteria, "author spam." Use the free website book submission form to filter your book review requests.
  • Be the first to read new works and discover new talent that has been vetted to ensure it's worthy of your expertise. The Bookvetter Community believes your time and skills should be respected.

Learn why the Bookvetter Community thinks independent professionals like you are the future of literary critique.

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Protection from Common Mistakes

  • "Yur bok iz porly riten an ful ov flazs." The creation of great content is serious work, let the Bookvetter Community help. Honest and unbiased feedback can make all the difference.
  • Your book and the reading audience need to match. Starbuck's thrives by giving customers what they have asked for. If your book is a "pumpkin latte," Bookvetter makes sure pumpkin lovers get the first cup.

Learn more about how the Bookvetter Community will develop you as an author and help your book succeed.

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Bookvetter needs a crowd to work; your participation makes all the difference. More authors, more books, more reviewers, more reviews, it all equals better results and a better community.

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