The Smart Crowd

Bookvetter draws upon several sources to create a unique environment and deliver an exceptional experience. The first pillar of Bookvetter is called The Wisdom of Crowds. The short version is that the aggregate opinions of a crowd will be more accurate than the single opinion of an expert.

The second pillar of Bookvetter is that a community with a vested interest can police itself and deliver quality products to consumers. Bookvetter draws inspiration from a fish tale that helped revolutionize the markets centuries ago.

The Easterlings were a group of fisherman in the Baltic region who became renowned for selling quality fish. The Easterlings accomplished this by creating a branded product and imposing the death penalty on members who deviated from the established standards of the brand. Prior to the Easterlings sorting the fish markets, it was a common practice to fill a barrel with trash fish and then top it off with quality fish in order to deceive buyers; hereby creating the phrase, bottom of the barrel.

The Easterlings obsession with quality and ensuring that consumers were treated fairly has resulted in the Easterling name being permanently associated with quality "Sterling silver" or "that product is sterling" remain as indicators of an ensured level of quality.

Creating Vetted Books

The Bookvetter Community vets books, hence the standard of quality here is a "Vetted Book," a status that requires more than a pretty cover or great first chapter, no cheap, fishy tricks are allowed.

By combining the elements mentioned above (minus executions) the Bookvetter Community provides the support and services to create and promote exceptional books. Not only are the skills of authors nurtured but their books are given the individual attention it takes to develop quality work.

It Starts With Reviews

Reviews are used to shape, develop, and measure content. As an author you first need to decide what kind of review you are needing.

  • A draft review is used to receive feedback prior to publishing that can be used to improve the book. You can chose to receive between 1-5 draft reviews.
  • A published review consists of six reviews with the cumulative score determining whether or not a book becomes a "Vetted" book. Vetted books are then passed on to the book review blogger community for additional review and promotion.

The Fine Print

  • In order to have your book reviewed, you must provide feedback to other authors about their books. For example as a published review requires six reviews, you will need to provide the community with six reviews in exchange.
  • To ensure that Bookvetter reviews are honest and unbiased, all reviews are anonymous to prevent review trading or reprisals.
  • The books offered for review will always match the reviewers' reading interests. Before content can be "King," it has to be of interest.

The end result is unbiased and honest reviews that are of value. Like the Easterlings, the Bookvetter author community enforces their own quality standards for the benefit of all.