It's Not About You Here

"You are broken, warped, and damaged beyond repair"—you're an author. Your work, on the other hand can become extraordinary if we can just separate you from it.

Bookvetter will tolerate and develop you in order to create the next great story. It's the content you create that gets measured here, so don't take it personally—it really isn't about you here.

The End of Industrial Literature

Traditional publishing is dying like the trees upon which books were once printed. The "industrial age of literature" is ending as writing returns to its roots and is once again a form of small business mixed with creative expression. The power now rests with artists and readers, thanks to technology that has enabled self-publishing.

In fact, self-publishing is very much alive and growing—like a weed. Great news, right? Well not completely. The ability to create cheap content coupled with a lack of quality control is hurting everyone. Technology can be used for more than cutting corners and self-promotion, how about developing talent and discovering the next great story?

Bookvetter was created as a response to the challenges authors and readers are facing. We don't have to long for the old way (traditional publishing) or get lost in the new way (self-publishing). Bookvetter is a cooperative community centered around developing and identifying great books. We need a better way!