Where are Your Next Books Coming From?

Bookvetter, finding book gems for readers.

With so many new books to pick from it becomes challenging to find the ones your patrons or fellow book club members will benefit from. With public funds and the valuable time of readers at stake, every book you acquire has to count.

The Bookvetter process isn't designed to sell books, rather identify great books and help those books find the right audience. The honest agenda of the Bookvetter Community coupled with a filter for extra book details (levels of violence, romance, profanity, etc...) very accurately determines both the quality of books and proper reading audience.

Bookvetter is also free, no paid subscription or sales pitches. Just create an account, complete the reading interest inventory, and as Vetted Books become available matching your needs, a notification email will be sent. Make the most of your funding and the time of your readers with the help of the Bookvetter Community.