Respecting Other People's Time and Talent

Reviews of books are an essential part of discovering great new books and providing readers with unbiased information about books.

Today, however, there are far more books than there are reviewers, making your time and talent a precious resource. While your work is protecting the time and money of others, who is looking out for you?

Bookvetter Offers Professional Tools

As part of recognizing the contribution you are making to the literary world, Bookvetter is creating tools that are specifically designed for professional reviewers like yourself.

The first tool is the book review submission form that can be pasted into your website. Review requests are compared to your personal reading interests and only those that match are forwarded for additional consideration, no author spam survives.

The second tool to optimize your time is Vetted Books. These books will not only match your reading interests, but they have also undergone a quality assessment review to ensure they are worthy of your attention. In addition you, pick the books you want to review. There's no restrictions, waiting to be approved, or being selected because you are expected to provide a positive review.

The Bookvetter Community believes that respecting the time and expertise of book reviewers is more than just right, it's common sense. By providing book reviewers with professional tools, the best material, and access to new talent we help to ensure more great books are created.