You are the Future of Literary Critique

You need more tools if you are going to accomplish the task being asked of you. The Bookvetter Community has started to create the tools you will need but there's still plenty to accomplish.

Take a look at what we have planned and if there are areas we need to give additional consideration too, don't hesitate to let us know we are falling short!

The Flight to the Future

There are a number of tools and features that Bookvetter is still working to develop that we feel will be of great benefit to you:

Reviewer and Reader Match Form: Just as authors need to find reviewers who are interested in their material, reviewers also need to find readers who are interested in their reviews. Once there are enough reviewers in the Bookvetter Reviewer Community, this form will be released to help connect readers and reviewers who share similar reading interests.

Universal Review Submission Form: Rather than having to log into multiple sites (Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc...) and post the same review repeatedly, this should be a one step task. This object of this form is to ensure your content is shared and help readers make informed decisions while minimizing your repetitive workload.

Genre Communities: The creation of genre-specific-reviewer-communities will allow for private discussion and a focused conversation. Reviewers need to be able to interact with each other on a professional level in a forum where authors and the average reader are not included.

Reviewer Incentives: A system that provides reviewers with rewards for participation in the Bookvetter Community is under development. Your reviews and the readers who want to hear your opinion are worth more than just a free book. It's a fundamental belief of the Bookvetter Community that reviewers should share in the value they are creating for others.

These are the projects we are currently working on; If you have other areas we should be considering please Contact Us.