A Community of Critics

Here at Bookvetter we think that the future of the literary world starts with you. Not only is industrial literature dying, but the age of mass media is also coming to a close.

So what replaces the top down approach? Something that is very natural and far more human than was ever expected to come from technology. What's coming is a community with interactions that are honest and lacking commercial motive.

The Future of Literary Critique

Whether it's celebrity endorsements, government promises, or industry advertising, we've become skeptical. Attention and trust today is based on permission not interuption. We now choose who we want to interact with and listen to, it is no longer forced.

Book review bloggers are replacing the self-titled "expert reviewers" who dominate newspapers and other channels of mass media. The reality is the reading public has come to understand these reviews are nothing more than a sales job disguised as opinion.

None of this reduces the need for readers to have access to unbiased and professional reviews. Rather the need is greater than ever, and you are the only party involved who has the credibility and integrity the task requires.