The Bookvetter Team

The connected crowd is the team you need.

Bookvetter has been a team project since conception, and without the connections enabled by technology, it would have never been created. It's only been through the extraordinary efforts of some exceptional people that Bookvetter is now ready for its final team member—you!

The contributors to this project span the globe and hail from New Zealand, Canada, India, Egypt, Philippines, Uruguay, and the United States. Like great books, great talent comes from everywhere today.

A Short But Incomplete List of the Talent

The Books

It's most fitting that the fundamentals supporting the Bookvetter process come from books. The following authors and their books provided the insight and inspiration needed.


The Bookvetter website and service are essentially a database (records of books, reviews, scores, member profiles, etc...). In the past every database was a custom project started from scratch and was far beyond the skill level of ordinary people. Not only was this a waste of time but it was also cost prohibitive.

Luckily for authors and reviewers, Bookvetter was able to find a better way. Founded by Frank Zamani, and still privately owned, Caspio is a company which has created an automated database wizard allowing non-developers to create database-driven applications.

Without the Caspio platform and support of the Caspio team, it would have been cost prohibitive to construct Bookvetter.